About Me

Donna Messerly-Brown

I live in sunny Southern Utah and fully appreciate the awe-inspiring landscape of my youth.  With more than 30 years experience as a professional journalist, I am a passionate writer hell-bent on living my golden years in the glow of health and happiness.

I have four wonderful children and four beautiful grandchildren.  My life experience includes education, humor, fun, disappointment, tragedy, loss and recovery (doesn’t everyone’s?).

Join me on my journey to the sun!


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I was so touched by all you wrote. You are incredible. You are a survivor and continue to survive and I am glad we are related. My mother, Marian Gooch, and your mom Kay were 1st cousins. I am in Glendale, AZ and talked to Kay as often as she heard the phone to answer it. Then I stopped getting emails from her so I called Pat and she told me she had moved with you. She never got over Ron’s death and probably will have a lot to say to her when they do meet in Heaven.

    Your mom had lots of trials and this last one really took a toll on her as you know. I hope that if you have to come back to Phoenix we can talk while you are here. I miss you both. My sister, Marian (Joni) Keller sent me the link to your blog. I want to follow it and your experiences. Thank you for being so honest in all of it as it gives closeure to me on Ron’s passing.

    Keep up the good writing and give your mom a hug for me. Love, Judy McKinstry


    • Dear Judy,

      I’m so sorry I didn’t reply to you before you passed away. Please give Ron the “what for” while you’re up there and tell him I love him.


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