The Grandmas Called

Four Generations

Man, were they wired. My father treasured his heritage. He loved the little things that brought him closer to his ancestors, particularly his grandmother, Lola World-Thomson, his great-grandmother Jennie Suprise (correct spelling) and his great-great grandmother Lola Amanda Guest. I somehow ended up with one of the beautiful trunks that Lola Amanda Guest (our family […]

‘This is MY Fight Song’

by Donna M. Brown I know I’ve said this before (and I’m sure some are really tired of hearing it); but, it’s part of my story and without it, the rest of me just doesn’t make sense. My world crumbled when my sister was found dead in her bed in 2007. She left three children […]

My Story of Survival

Recovery from Sebaceous/Meibomian Gland Carcinoma The first time I remember noticing what I believed was a “sty” in my eye was around December 2014. It could have been there much longer, but I gave it very little thought. It looked like a small pimple on my bottom eyelid. It wasn’t painful, it wasn’t even that […]

Promises, Promises: The Lord’s Got My Back

by Donna M. Brown Fear’s icy fingers gripped my throat when the nurse’s aide pointed down a long, long corridor at the Huntsman Cancer Center toward my destination. It meant walking reverently through a waiting room where bald-headed little people sat wrapped in blankets and gowns wavering as if at any minute they might fall. […]

Navigating the Mental Maze of Sexual Abuse


Editor’s note: The following is an excerpt from a work in progress entitled, “Who I am Today: Navigating the Mental Maze of Sexual Abuse,” Chapter 3. by Donna M. Brown The mental maze suffered by victims of sexual abuse is extremely complex (a gross understatement, I know). If you are a victim of sexual abuse, […]